Bolwarra Cockers

Supreme and Grand Champions

We are proud to say that we have three SUPREME Champions under the Bolwarra Prefix 2 are campaigned by us to this title namely Supreme Champion Bolwarra Rip Tide and Supreme Bolwarra Saint Nick and

one was campaigned by Matthew Stitcher in Queensland namely Supreme Champion Bolwarra Hat Trick.

We also have 1 Grand Champion under the Bolwarra Prefix namely Grand Champion Bolwarra Shimmer and 1 we campaigned namely Grand Champion Kenbey Play Boy to this title. 


Grand Champion Kenbey Playboy 


 Supreme Champion Bolwarra Hat Trick


Supreme Champion Bolwarra Rip Tide


Grand Champion Bolwarra Shimmer 



Supreme Champion Bolwarra Saint Nick 

Our latest Supreme Champion and the only Supreme who is Blue Roan and Tan who said funny colours can't win ...



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Gabor & Megan Markotany
Berkshire Park, NSW, Australia
Phone : 0417 243 797
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